3-D Cone-Beam Imaging

Cone-beam imaging is a cutting edge dental diagnostic system that delivers superior quality images of your teeth with a minimal dose of radiation. This imaging system allows our practice to generate accurate 3D imagery of your jaw, mouth and teeth with much more detail than traditional x-rays. This in-depth scan allows the doctor to determine whether cavities, abnormal growths or other dental conditions exist – especially conditions which might not be evident when using a traditional 2D panorex x-ray.

How Do We Use 3D Cone-Beam Imaging to Improve the Dental Implant Procedure?

This imaging system allows our practice to accurately measure bone density, which is essential for placing dental implants. To determine whether a patient is a good candidate for dental implants, one of the primary things your dentist must evaluate is the thickness and quality of your jaw bone. This is important because dental implants are permanently attached to your jaw. The jaw must be dense enough and healthy enough for implants to be possible and successful. With Cone-Beam Imaging, our practice can gauge the thickness of bone structure to determine what size dental implants are appropriate for your mouth. In essence, the more information we have about your mouth, the more precise and natural looking your implants will look and feel.

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